Passion. Experience. Diligence.


One day we had to move some stuff into storage, and noticed that the smallest unit we could get was $100 for a small room. We had to rent a truck, we were tired from moving stuff around, and had stand around for almost and hour signing paper work. We thought this process could have been much simpler. 


Work with us

We are actively looking to fill roles in:

  • Marketing
  • Facilties
  • Delivery
  • Customer Service






Benjamin van der Veen

Benjamin van der Veen has been getting paid to sling software for startups, government, agencies, non-profits, and megacorps, and has an unusual breadth and depth of software engineering experience across languages, platforms, and paradigms. Veen leverages over 15 years of design, engineering, and project management experience to lead teams that consistently deliver quality software. He leads Keep's product design and marketing. He enjoys riding bikes, being outside, and is an avid glider pilot and aspiring airplane pilot.




Ben Vulpes

Benjamin Vulpes got hoovered up into the software industry at the tail end of his mechanical engineering degree. During his ME career he designed, fabricated, and programmed a unattended-run robotic lathe-tending cell and all of the loading/unloading fixturing, and prototyped a radically low-cost and high-performance semiconductor wafer host for a testing company in the Silicon Forest. With four years experience of producing and managing the production of web and native mobile applications, he’s looking forward to tasking his prodigious intelligence and unstoppable work ethic with the task of building Keep's core software and logistics.



One could not ask for a better, more well-gelled founding team. The two have a deep collaborative relationship, a lingua franca spanning physics, finance, economics, mathematics and programming, and a demonstrated readiness to both trust each other and spot check each other’s work.